I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

Real Record Store Manager June 30, 2008

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Though Shirley at the antique store on Cherokee (with whom mary and I hung out for like, an hour yesterday) might disagree (she thinks – among many other things, she has her some opinions – the Record Exchange is the best/realest record store)…this guy seems to be the Real Deal, as they say.

He also seems to be the manager of Vintage Vinyl.


National Record Store Day?!? April 23, 2008

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I totally missed it! It was April 19th, this past saturday.

Apparently there was quite the party at Vintage Vinyl. How do people find out about these totally random holidays?!? Looked like a good time, too. Bummed I missed out.

Independent record stores like Euclid Records and Vintage Vinyl here in St. Louis celebrated the first National Record Store Day on Saturday. The aim of the day was to celebrate music, records — and the fact that their doors are still open.

Video here.

Hat Tip of Respect to Miss Annie Zaleski, music editor extraordinaire of the RFT.