I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

Finally – I can be a backup singer April 16, 2008

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Hey fellow rock/musical enthusiasts, I’m Lori, I’m in High Fidelity, I play Sarah, and I’m pretty much really excited to:

1) be in a bona fide musical after a 3+ year hiatus…dang was it really that long since college..whoa.

2) get to sing backup on like, a lot of songs. I have always wanted to be a backup singer, and I will still want to be a back up singer when this whole “show” is said and done.

3) get to have Robin as my choreographer again! OMG that woman is a genius/changed my life for the better. My sister and I (we’ve both experienced The Robin Effect) talk about her whenever we’re together.

4) there are all these new people in the show and I don’t know them! whoa.

5) My character was played by Lili Taylor in the High Fidelity movie — I really loved her character in Say Anything (John Cusack connection, anyone?) singing “Joe Lies” and “That’ll Never Be Me,” so I’m feeling in really good brown-haired company.