I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

The Bluebird May 29, 2008

So there’s live music a’plenty in St. Louis, and I took advantage of it last night.

I went straight from work, so I have my friend Rebecca to thank for letting my borrow some concert wear – clothes which may or may not (depending on your worldview) have contributed to how silly and fun the night was! We went to see Tally Hall (amazzzzzzinnnng. When I was an english teacher for a few weeks a couple summers ago, I ran a sortof rap/songwriting workshop for the older creative writing kids…like 14-15 year olds…and I made’em listen to Tally Hall and they were like OMG THIS IS AWESOME. Needless to say, I was a cool teacher.) Heard’em described as “Astonishing musicality, but also fun and infectious.” Gotta agree.

We bopped around plenty during Tally Hall’s set, and since The Bluebird was so small (and perhaps b/c it was a Wednesday night concert) it was totally and completely feasible to talk to the band afterwards…gotta love that. They’re a bunch of pre-med dudes from the University of Michigan, and they’re v. charming and funny. How ’bout that?

Speaking of which, the keys player, Moose, from the band that played afterwards, De Novo Dahl (based in Nashville! feel the regional pride) was an adorable vision in powder blue. I feel like I should also mention that his dad played with Dolly Parton. Did I mention he was adorable?


Also exciting is that De Novo Dahl will be playing this June in DC, and my sister‘s going to see them! They’re like a music postcard traveling from me to my sister. How cool is that?

I particularly like these bands’ blend of kooky goofiness and excellent musicianship. I would reccomend them to anyone who likes to dance and be happy about things.

(also, I’d just like to note that one of the opening bands was like, 87% swedish, which means I got to use my swedish skills and tell them all that, “I want to live in a mushroom” — the only swedish phrase I know. Though don’t be mistaken – I may know precious little swedish, but I totally love the swedish folk…everyone I meet reinforces my belief that swedes are an awesomely kooky people. )


name a song that is either about or contains a natural disaster… April 20, 2008

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Invincible – by OKGo

Trish brought it up.

“When they finally come to destroy the earth
they’ll have to go through you first,

…bet they wont be expecting that.”

Great opening line, these guys are so funny and smart.
Natural disaster? Aliens, natch!


How I found out about the auditions April 16, 2008

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In a rather odd place (contextually, i guess, sorta) — on a local events, arts & culture blog and magazine called 52nd City. They list a lot of music events, so in case you’re trying to be method, find all the info you can handle there.

They’re good people!


Finally – I can be a backup singer

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Hey fellow rock/musical enthusiasts, I’m Lori, I’m in High Fidelity, I play Sarah, and I’m pretty much really excited to:

1) be in a bona fide musical after a 3+ year hiatus…dang was it really that long since college..whoa.

2) get to sing backup on like, a lot of songs. I have always wanted to be a backup singer, and I will still want to be a back up singer when this whole “show” is said and done.

3) get to have Robin as my choreographer again! OMG that woman is a genius/changed my life for the better. My sister and I (we’ve both experienced The Robin Effect) talk about her whenever we’re together.

4) there are all these new people in the show and I don’t know them! whoa.

5) My character was played by Lili Taylor in the High Fidelity movie — I really loved her character in Say Anything (John Cusack connection, anyone?) singing “Joe Lies” and “That’ll Never Be Me,” so I’m feeling in really good brown-haired company.