I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

top 5 my character inspirations June 26, 2008

in order of importance to me (at least the first 2)

1. Lumberjack

2.Mick Jagger

3.Portia De Rossi

4. Meg White

5. June Carter Cash (note the hair height)


UPDATE: I think it is clear that my inspiration was fellow mississippi river valley (ok, delta for her) girl, Bobbie Gentry. Will you look at that red jumpsuit!?!?!!!!


Week 3, omg

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Well its week three.

Can I even believe that it’s been a week since the last time I got to wear my lumberjack pants and dance around on stage in front of people who might very well see me out and remember that I was that one girl with the pants in that one show about John Cusack or something???

No I cannot. But it is true.