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St. Louis has good music April 16, 2008

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So at the first rehearsal we had to say our favorite pop song – obviously mine was “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” I stand firmly behind that choice, but I also do really like music, especially talking about it, so I made y’all a list!

Top 5 things you should know that I know about St. Louis Music and such:

1) TINA! (and Ike) (and the Ikettes! ah, why not me?)

That R&B sound belongs to St. Louis people, so I make sure to represent by always doing my best Tina Turner Funky Chicken whenever possible in honor of those Gaslight Square glory days.

2) “we’ve got blues and soul and R&B” yessssss

OLD school 50s and 60s R&B from the East side and such. Called “Down on Broadway ad Main – A Decade Of Blues & R&B in St. Louis”. Features Willie King, Screamin’ Joe Neal, Little Aaron, Johnny (The Twist) Williams, Benny Sharp and of course (!) Little Miss Jessie. Someone for real download the vinyl to digital format. You should download it b/c it is amazing – even though it is *dance* music, I happen to think dance music is The Most Important Music Ever, so there.

3) Bill Streeter’s LoFi St. Louis and LoFi Sessions highlight some greeeaaat local stuff – check them out, hello!

4) Kopper’s Garage Punk podcasts – famous in like The Netherlands (no kidding)

  • it, too, has a corresponding community of followers at The Hideout – lots of love for garage punk in this town. Elsewhere, too.

5) Once Chuck Berry signed my arm with his name and a smiley face/self portrait (or maybe it was a picture of ME!)

chuck berry signed my arm

See? People in St. Louis Really Care About Music. I think its the proximity to the Mississippi River. We’re good people.