I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

Favorite Pop Song June 26, 2008

I like the words. i really like how they’re comically pessimistic. Sortof like he’s just being grouchy just because, but he really has a kooky and solid character and doesn’t really care about not-caring. I like to think that.

I like Elvis Costello.

I just relate to his lyrics a lot. Especially the earlier ones. Everyone characterized them as the typical “angry young man” – but I think he was just pulling everyone’s leg. I like to think that.

I could be wrong, but that’s my Elvis Costello and he’s the only one that matters to me.

Plus I think its kindof funny how he’s like BFFs with Jenny Lewis. (who was an inspiration for the hair-in-the-shrub shot…i should post that) it all comes full circle.

Which reminds me of a quote by another musician I’ve grown to like (though his latest album didn’t quite match the first two, IMHO)… who am I kidding, I totally love him (and I know I am not alone in this love):

“Some of us go full circle. Some of us blindly go nowhere. The circle doesn’t have to be very large to make a point, kick your ass and/or be entertaining. Remember that and stay light.”

He is also a neat lyricist. I really like his stuff. it’s rap-y.

indulge me a moment of la nostalgie: I remember when I did a poetry project when I was in 9th grade I included the words to “in My life” by the Beatles and had a sortof eureka moment that I liked lyrics to stuff. They don’t have to be lofty either. (I was just playing some Burt Bacharach/hal david and some George/Ira Gershwin – the latter(s) of whom were the lyricists…and man, I love that stuff!)

Ooo, further nostalgia…have I mentioned that I met the guy who wrote the words to Mr. Ed!??!@#@$(*&#@ —among so many other awesome songs (Silver Bells, Que Sera Sera, the theme to BONANZA!!!!)…his name was Ray Evans — he spoke at a panel at an almuni thing at UPenn when i was a jr, and I swear, when I found out he was who he was, I had an attack of super-fan intensity. I think he was like 89 or something. He might as well have been Michael jackson on the thriller tour to me. that was so cool.


Rob’s Top 5 Elvis Costello Songs April 30, 2008

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1) Allison

2) Little triggers

3) Man out of Time

4) King Horse

5) Everyday I Write the Book – merseybeat


Whew! April 29, 2008

May I just say that cast drinks at The Royale was super fun and just what I was hoping for. I don’t like to go places I can eat, is that weird? In my secret dreams we go to a different south city tavern every week. I guess my dreams of having a constant stream of drinking escorts/buddies are not so much a secret anymore.


I’ve been super busy in a very blessed way lately – I got an internship, and its fun, stressful, hard, challenging, interesting — everything great. Like Mr. KV Junior reccomends, I’m trying to notice what’s nice, and hot damn, this is so nice!

So its a blessed business, and partly the reason I’m not blogging so much anymore. It’ll all settle soon, though.

Also, in the last few posts I was in a transitional music phase where I was searching for a new song – well I found it, and so now I don’t really think about music as much.

OO! That reminds me.

Though I go through transitional phases, I have certain artists that I will never ever leave. One of those is THE Elvis Costello. My heart fills with love for this man. John Stewart once said that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. got him through high school, well for me, that beacon of light was Elvis Costello. I basically didn’t have to be angsty after my freshman year, mostly because I felt that Elvis had plenty for the both of us.

Elvis Costello got me through high school, and for that I am his forever.

Thank heaven for that, too — it gives me mad street cred that I know like, every song he’s ever sung including bootlegs! Sigh, i spent a lot of time on elviscostello.info. I can be like, “OMG, don’t you totally relate to Britney Spears’ ‘Me against the Music’? Like sometimes you just feel like, yeah, britney has GOT a point!” and if I get any funny/disapproving looks, I can usually get out of the doghouse by mentioning that I like elvis costello, too, so leave me alone already. I’ve done the work.

So the dance we did last sunday had an elvis costello vibe (which I now totally get, and before totally did not) and I don’t know if you heard this, but i casually mentioned that I have a DVD of all Elvis’ old videos. There’s one Dutch TV performance where he like, demands that the guys in front let the girls stand in front. Chivalry meets man-thoughts. It works! He was like, LET THE LADIES TO THE FRONT. Love it.

Oh I’m a fan, I could go on and on about Bruce Thomas’ (one of The Attractions, EC’s band) bass line, it is amazing. He is my favorite bass player EVER, but Elvis totally HATES HIM. I could tell you why. I know this stuff. Ooo wee, how I can digress.

Anyway, this is the video I thought of.

I frickin’ love this song! It is so angry, and I totally get it whenever I hang out on Washington Avenue for too long.

I’m really mad I can’t find the video of him being all rebellious on SNL. Dang, NBC. If you’re gonna take it off youtube, put it up on your site!

OOo, side note. My friend Scott once saw Elvis buying grapes in a store and sent me a picture and blogged about his pivotal life changing experience. (I too have met elvis a couple times. I went to see him guest host on letterman! he signed my book! it was a true pilgrimage. It made me late for my french class, but I didn’t CARE!) My friend is a funny dude, and that cell phone shot of The EC was a gift unparalleled.

ps if you’re wondering my favorite EC album, it’s Get Happy!

pps if you’ve read the book, Rob lists his top 5 Costello songs, I just can’t think of’em right now. I kindof agreed, but not really. I’ll tell you mine in a later post, it would take too much thought right now.

ppss this is my favorite EC poster trust

pppss favorite EC tagline, “If he didn’t exist, someone would try to invent him.”

I think I’m done now.