I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

top 5 my character inspirations June 26, 2008

in order of importance to me (at least the first 2)

1. Lumberjack

2.Mick Jagger

3.Portia De Rossi

4. Meg White

5. June Carter Cash (note the hair height)


UPDATE: I think it is clear that my inspiration was fellow mississippi river valley (ok, delta for her) girl, Bobbie Gentry. Will you look at that red jumpsuit!?!?!!!!


So yeah, I didn’t see you last Monday

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…at Atomic Cowboy. What’s the deal, man?

I feel like I should mention that if you didn’t go to the Comedy on Parade w/ Bill Chott last monday you missed out.

Amy, our costume designer came, and that makes her cooler than you! It was really funny! I brought my friend Laura, who is visiting our fine city from a far away land (Connecticut!)

Top 5 things that come to mind when I think of Connecticut:

1. Mystic Pizza! (I got a really awesome pair of sailor jeans at the Navy Surplus store in Mystic, and I also wore a lavender dress that day)

2. Land of Hedge Funds

3. my best friend from Penn

4. Said BFF’s nephew’s name is Sebastien!

5. David Letterman’s house

Did I just digress just there?

Do yourself a favor and go to the next Comedy on Parade show. I think there’s one this monday (?!? – do your research, I cannot take you by the hand the whole way) and if it’s half as funny that will still be very funny.

And I’m being honest here, I have a long line of comedian/comedy critical friends (and sometimes I even think I am funny), so I am can sometimes be not so generous in praise (though I am always generous with hope and enthusiasm) concerning local comedy. (not lately though, come to think of it.) I nearly rolled on the floor. Very nearly.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a blog, asking you to laugh – b/c Bill Chott’s got something here.  Also, you actorly types should think about taking some of his classes. I’m just sayin’!


Top 5 People who have changed my life through dance June 21, 2008

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…in no particular order.

1. Paula Abdul

2. Robin Berger

3. Britney Spears

4. Fatima Robinson (choreographer of Dreamgirls)

5. Frankie Manning (old school lindy hopper from the 30’s I met when I was 16)


Paul Friswold, I salute you

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What a great essay/review posted on the old RFT blog (which is a really amazing news source, too – plug!) – this guy was PAYING attention! You can really tell Mr. F knows a thing or two about vinyls. Speaking of the vinyl era, word on the street is that my grandma’s coming by tonight. I’m sure she’ll really appreciate the nod to Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller in a few of the numbers.

So last night was performance number 5. I was really havin’ myself some fun. I also felt some happy vibes from the audience. I always like it when the audience is a little rowdy and occasionally yells things at semi-awkward moments. Come on guys! Have that extra pomegranate mojito at Bar Louie before you come and dare to take a chance at relevant heckling! (note: that’s just me, I have a feeling our director miiight not like it…but maybe!) I think I’m just being nostalgic – back when I was a young co-ed, heckling was definitely commonplace, espesh among the comedian friends always trying to show how comedic they are. I relish!

So yeah, I’m sortof at a loss when it comes to blogging now b/c I have nothing really to complain about (other than no free time – but I had some of that today! I always gravitate towards the porch with a cup of coffee for like 3+ hours when I have time to spare)! I guess there’s more to this than complaining.

It’s been really great seeing the reviews come out. I know I am always dying for feedback – it’s nice to have someone help you tighten up this dance move there, that harmony there, but mostly its just fun to dish out a million opinions with someone else who has them. I’m lucky because I have family in St. Louis, namely The Judester (my mom!), and she is quite the opinionated expert, and she is blunt, so there’s no fishing for the truth. The fish of truth jumps right into your boat with mom. Costumes, sets, whatever, this woman is a real people-ologist with quite a resume of theatre work from her past. (note: I really need to get her back to costume design b/c she is really good, & not just through a daughter’s rose-colored-glasses either, y’all)

So I got some good presentation feedback from The Mom, as I have for my whole life. I owe my good posture to her! …And a myriad of dance teachers, one important one being Miss Robin Berger, choreographer of High Fidelity, changer-of-lives-through-dance, and model female small-business owner…Robin has absolutely gotten adjective status in my household especially between my sister and I:

“…was it Robin-good, or just like, kinda ok?”

Both of us were lucky enough to have Robin as our coach when we were on the Kirkwoodettes, my hometown youth Pom pon squad. Yes. And, due to a dance gig that I did with/for Robin, I found my jukebox. See what I mean about changing lives through dance?! Whenever my sister and I discuss the situation for small business owners in St. Louis, who comes up? Robin! We love her, she is so awesome! She has adult dance classes (at Leaping Lizards, right by ted drewes), and excuse me while I cannot reccomend them highly enough. Especially if she includes the Famous (in my house) Robin Berger Jazz Warm Up! OMG I am so taking those classes. Robin, are you listening?

Yeah, so this post has turned into a bit of a paean – so I’m just gonna run with it.

In the spirit of saluting other local folk that I think are cool, what are you doing Monday night?

I’m going to the Comedy On Parade with Bill Chott (Mr. St. Louis Comedy – was also on The Dana Carvey show, nascent comedian primordial soup– hellow steve carell and colbert were on it, too) at the Atomic Cowboy. Saluting this whole bars-outside-the-box movement I’ve seen in town lately with bars offering more entertainment than karaoke (which is, don’t get me wrong, AMAZING…but variety is the spice of life).

I don’t mean to gush, and my favorite poet Aaron Belz will be there, too. (I love that I am his facebook friend! It’s awesomely silly to me. Aaron if you’re reading this, when are you coming to High Fidelity? Hm?)

See ya there.


ahh, its time to leave and I don’t know what I’m wearing tonight. Saturday priorities!


Top 5 Songs from High School April 16, 2008

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‘Cause everyone else is doin’ it. I mostly wanted to see the cassette tape, and I just love that shiny table effect!

Listen to it here, while wordpress (my blog host) figures out how to make the cool tape thing work ON the blog.

Ahh, music in high school – it was all top 40 hip hop & pop, Elvis Costello, and that whole Cocktail Nation swingers stuff. Mmmm.


Other top five site I like

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This dude (his name is merlin) posts some hilarious top 5s on his site 5ives.

I’d look at’em. They are goofy and irreverent and awesome.

Some examples:

Five more terrible fake reality TV shows

February 4th, 2008

  1. Are You Smarter Than an Ottoman?
  2. Project Segway
  3. Would You Eat This for Money?
  4. America’s Next Top Preclear
  5. Who Wants to Be a Cultural Footnote?

Five ways you’re unleashing the power of your blog

January 29th, 2008

  1. tearing the veil away from the morally bankrupt raincheck policy at Marshall’s
  2. “crowdsourcing” the naming of your new unicycle
  3. taking a symbolic day off from blogging to protest the unjust treatment of “some Oriental dude” you read about on Slashdot
  4. daring to name names in the “personal holocaust of customer service” you recently suffered at Fry’s
  5. funny new snapshot of your kitty, “Warrant Officer Ripley,” acting like she’s people

Five more Halloween costumes your sorority sisters are considering

October 21st, 2007

  1. Sexy Prius
  2. Sexy Ahmadinejad
  3. Sexy Oncologist
  4. Sexy Alexander Pope
  5. Sexy Scented Candle



St. Louis has good music

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So at the first rehearsal we had to say our favorite pop song – obviously mine was “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” I stand firmly behind that choice, but I also do really like music, especially talking about it, so I made y’all a list!

Top 5 things you should know that I know about St. Louis Music and such:

1) TINA! (and Ike) (and the Ikettes! ah, why not me?)

That R&B sound belongs to St. Louis people, so I make sure to represent by always doing my best Tina Turner Funky Chicken whenever possible in honor of those Gaslight Square glory days.

2) “we’ve got blues and soul and R&B” yessssss

OLD school 50s and 60s R&B from the East side and such. Called “Down on Broadway ad Main – A Decade Of Blues & R&B in St. Louis”. Features Willie King, Screamin’ Joe Neal, Little Aaron, Johnny (The Twist) Williams, Benny Sharp and of course (!) Little Miss Jessie. Someone for real download the vinyl to digital format. You should download it b/c it is amazing – even though it is *dance* music, I happen to think dance music is The Most Important Music Ever, so there.

3) Bill Streeter’s LoFi St. Louis and LoFi Sessions highlight some greeeaaat local stuff – check them out, hello!

4) Kopper’s Garage Punk podcasts – famous in like The Netherlands (no kidding)

  • it, too, has a corresponding community of followers at The Hideout – lots of love for garage punk in this town. Elsewhere, too.

5) Once Chuck Berry signed my arm with his name and a smiley face/self portrait (or maybe it was a picture of ME!)

chuck berry signed my arm

See? People in St. Louis Really Care About Music. I think its the proximity to the Mississippi River. We’re good people.