I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

Opening Night : before June 12, 2008

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In an attempt to make this interesting, I’m going to try to write on all show nights before and after. We’ll see how that goes.

So yeah, its opening night, i’m not that nervous, though I think my hair is in danger of having looked better last night than tonight. I’m really looking forward to saturday, when I might have some free time to catch up on some stuff that I have just not even bothered to think about at all. Working from 8am-11pm is a lil’ bit rough! Is it weird to say that I’m looking forward to being able to stay late at work these coming monday-wednesdays?

I’m sortof getting to the point where I have no idea what is interesting to talk about anymore. I lost my debit card last night, which was annoying (and debatably, it was stolen from the dressing room…maybe. I’m not sure, but no charges, so whatever). Did I mention that was annoying?  But it’s all taken care of now.

Soooooo, I don’t really get nervous. I feel good about the music, lines, choreography, and all that. The music+band are all at tempos that make me happy, so I’m not dancing in slo-mo, so that’s that. I mean, hey. I hope people like the show, but there are hooks for us all to enjoy – Aretha, bruce, helllooo! Even I who, at first, was like, “omg why aren’t they just singing let’s get it on, what a lame-o song booo” – totally got it once I saw it live. I figure – as long as folks get that its like, Rob’s life took over all his favorite music and its now singing to him about what is literally his life (and not someone’s imagined life…pop music getting crazy personal) — they’ll like, totally love it and think it is clever, right?

That above description is pretty much exactly how I have explained the show to friends. Who will hopefully be coming to see the show in the next few weeks!

yeah, that means you.


Guy walks into a psychiatrist with an omlette on his head May 7, 2008

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I dedicate way my finger by way of this post to one of Applebee’s finest – Jason, whose love I shall not soon forget. Never before and never again will a waiter bark so coyly at me I don’t think.

Ah, act 1.

We ran it today. Lori and her piano may need to spend some more time together.

Ah, I am a lil’ bit booked currently – hoping to catch up on all things hifi blog (have I mentioned that I really love this whole blogging the show thing), and all things life soon. I don’t know if y’all know it, but I have this other blog, and I’m SO not keeping up with it, and it sortof makes me feel like I’m letting St. Louis down. I’m sorry Pierre and Auguste! I’ll go looking for time, and I’m sure I’ll find it. (after I memorize like, everything in the script/music, naturally)

Looking forward to milkshakes and BLTs at Crown Candy,


ps I just reminded myself that Scott has a radio show! I love it that the internet lets me listen to it!

UPDATE: Jason from applebees is a total perv. Euwwww.

update ps Sometimes when I read through this blog, it seems like I’m reading the 5th grade me writing back at the 20 something me. Just an observation.


Whew! April 29, 2008

May I just say that cast drinks at The Royale was super fun and just what I was hoping for. I don’t like to go places I can eat, is that weird? In my secret dreams we go to a different south city tavern every week. I guess my dreams of having a constant stream of drinking escorts/buddies are not so much a secret anymore.


I’ve been super busy in a very blessed way lately – I got an internship, and its fun, stressful, hard, challenging, interesting — everything great. Like Mr. KV Junior reccomends, I’m trying to notice what’s nice, and hot damn, this is so nice!

So its a blessed business, and partly the reason I’m not blogging so much anymore. It’ll all settle soon, though.

Also, in the last few posts I was in a transitional music phase where I was searching for a new song – well I found it, and so now I don’t really think about music as much.

OO! That reminds me.

Though I go through transitional phases, I have certain artists that I will never ever leave. One of those is THE Elvis Costello. My heart fills with love for this man. John Stewart once said that Kurt Vonnegut Jr. got him through high school, well for me, that beacon of light was Elvis Costello. I basically didn’t have to be angsty after my freshman year, mostly because I felt that Elvis had plenty for the both of us.

Elvis Costello got me through high school, and for that I am his forever.

Thank heaven for that, too — it gives me mad street cred that I know like, every song he’s ever sung including bootlegs! Sigh, i spent a lot of time on elviscostello.info. I can be like, “OMG, don’t you totally relate to Britney Spears’ ‘Me against the Music’? Like sometimes you just feel like, yeah, britney has GOT a point!” and if I get any funny/disapproving looks, I can usually get out of the doghouse by mentioning that I like elvis costello, too, so leave me alone already. I’ve done the work.

So the dance we did last sunday had an elvis costello vibe (which I now totally get, and before totally did not) and I don’t know if you heard this, but i casually mentioned that I have a DVD of all Elvis’ old videos. There’s one Dutch TV performance where he like, demands that the guys in front let the girls stand in front. Chivalry meets man-thoughts. It works! He was like, LET THE LADIES TO THE FRONT. Love it.

Oh I’m a fan, I could go on and on about Bruce Thomas’ (one of The Attractions, EC’s band) bass line, it is amazing. He is my favorite bass player EVER, but Elvis totally HATES HIM. I could tell you why. I know this stuff. Ooo wee, how I can digress.

Anyway, this is the video I thought of.

I frickin’ love this song! It is so angry, and I totally get it whenever I hang out on Washington Avenue for too long.

I’m really mad I can’t find the video of him being all rebellious on SNL. Dang, NBC. If you’re gonna take it off youtube, put it up on your site!

OOo, side note. My friend Scott once saw Elvis buying grapes in a store and sent me a picture and blogged about his pivotal life changing experience. (I too have met elvis a couple times. I went to see him guest host on letterman! he signed my book! it was a true pilgrimage. It made me late for my french class, but I didn’t CARE!) My friend is a funny dude, and that cell phone shot of The EC was a gift unparalleled.

ps if you’re wondering my favorite EC album, it’s Get Happy!

pps if you’ve read the book, Rob lists his top 5 Costello songs, I just can’t think of’em right now. I kindof agreed, but not really. I’ll tell you mine in a later post, it would take too much thought right now.

ppss this is my favorite EC poster trust

pppss favorite EC tagline, “If he didn’t exist, someone would try to invent him.”

I think I’m done now.


Dancing & Drinks April 22, 2008

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We’re all set with a Liz, and she’s cool and she sings the same part as me (sometimes). Alone no longer, though it wasn’t bad!

Mary, who is cool enough to blog, is a genius and read my mind with the whole suggesting drinks thing. Snaps to you, I hope people can make it out. We can throw some postcards around, etc…

Also, Leaping Lizards looks way different than when I was a kid, I was slightly shocked as I ran (late, sorry!) into dance rehearsal this past Sunday. The dance was fun to do, naturally – I forgot Robin’s whirlwind choreographing and I love it in all its whirlwindiness. I would like to run it about 10 more times, though.

Hm, I need a coffee or something. Anyway, thanks for the plug, Miss Katie – later!


No reahearsal April 17, 2008

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I got the book. I wanted to find something new to read that didn’t really relate too much to my life. So a story about a 30 something dude and his ex-girlfriends is pretty unautobiographical, so meh, I went with it. Scott recommended it highly — especially if you want to know how guys think/work/etc… well, that is something I REALLY DON’T WANT TO KNOW, but I’m reading it anyway. I don’t think it will ruin my worldview entirely, but maybe. Nah, probably not. I think it’s easier to inhabit characters if there’s a book about’em so there.

Enjoy the frontloading of the blogposts now people while the bloom rose is still on the rose flower. I should be able to keep up as long as the posts are short, though!

I also am pretty stoked that I have 3 comments! I’m writing real provocative and didactic stuff here, there are arguments a’plenty already happening. Sorta!

Also, thanks to Scott for clueing me in that the whole #5 with a bullet isn’t about a guns and shooting, etc… b/c I was really confused, and now am a lil’ embarassed that I didn’t catch that from the script.


So, rehearsals April 16, 2008

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Rehearsals have been swell thus far. I was very happy to find that they had free blow-pops! The source music cds should be a fun thing to have a listen to. Singing through “The Last Great Record Store On Earth” (what a title) was relatively easy. I get to sing alto. I get to sing it well. I was initially worried that everyone would want to sing alto, but I don’t really know why I was worried b/c that is never the case for some reason.

Anyway, we got to learn the Aretha Franklin song today (“She Goes”) and it was awesome! Oooo, I am so excited to be channeling some sassy Miss Ree. Or more like channelling that mail-lady back-up dancer/singer from the Blues Brothers Ree number.

I will admit that, though I like Pat Benatar (and the awesome shoulder thrust move she does in “Love is a Battlefield” that totally scares away all the Pimps and Johns from the dance floor…you know what I’m talkin’ bout) — I don’t really *get* what the heck it means to be Number 5 especially *with a Bullet*. I’m just guessing that “a bullet” somehow synonymous for “emphasis” and I’m happy enough to just go with that. Fun to sing though.

I’m way more into the soul stuff though (i.e. I like dance music) – so I’m looking forward to the choreography rehearsal this Sunday. I have been known to do my best James Brown on many a dance floor across town, and its time to share that with the greater metro area’s musical theatre enthusiasts.

Example:Aint to proud to beg