I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

Real Record Store Manager June 30, 2008

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Though Shirley at the antique store on Cherokee (with whom mary and I hung out for like, an hour yesterday) might disagree (she thinks – among many other things, she has her some opinions – the Record Exchange is the best/realest record store)…this guy seems to be the Real Deal, as they say.

He also seems to be the manager of Vintage Vinyl.


Picture Inspirations June 27, 2008

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As promised.

orginal (Jenny Lewis of the band Rilo Kiley. She sang backup on EC’s latest album named after the inventor of instant noodles. Jealous. ):

me, working the purple:

Pictures taken by the ever-talented Michael Daft.

Check out his site, he’s got some AWESOME pictures of St. Louis.


So yeah, I didn’t see you last Monday June 26, 2008

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…at Atomic Cowboy. What’s the deal, man?

I feel like I should mention that if you didn’t go to the Comedy on Parade w/ Bill Chott last monday you missed out.

Amy, our costume designer came, and that makes her cooler than you! It was really funny! I brought my friend Laura, who is visiting our fine city from a far away land (Connecticut!)

Top 5 things that come to mind when I think of Connecticut:

1. Mystic Pizza! (I got a really awesome pair of sailor jeans at the Navy Surplus store in Mystic, and I also wore a lavender dress that day)

2. Land of Hedge Funds

3. my best friend from Penn

4. Said BFF’s nephew’s name is Sebastien!

5. David Letterman’s house

Did I just digress just there?

Do yourself a favor and go to the next Comedy on Parade show. I think there’s one this monday (?!? – do your research, I cannot take you by the hand the whole way) and if it’s half as funny that will still be very funny.

And I’m being honest here, I have a long line of comedian/comedy critical friends (and sometimes I even think I am funny), so I am can sometimes be not so generous in praise (though I am always generous with hope and enthusiasm) concerning local comedy. (not lately though, come to think of it.) I nearly rolled on the floor. Very nearly.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a blog, asking you to laugh – b/c Bill Chott’s got something here.  Also, you actorly types should think about taking some of his classes. I’m just sayin’!


Week 3, omg

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Well its week three.

Can I even believe that it’s been a week since the last time I got to wear my lumberjack pants and dance around on stage in front of people who might very well see me out and remember that I was that one girl with the pants in that one show about John Cusack or something???

No I cannot. But it is true.


Opening Night : before June 12, 2008

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In an attempt to make this interesting, I’m going to try to write on all show nights before and after. We’ll see how that goes.

So yeah, its opening night, i’m not that nervous, though I think my hair is in danger of having looked better last night than tonight. I’m really looking forward to saturday, when I might have some free time to catch up on some stuff that I have just not even bothered to think about at all. Working from 8am-11pm is a lil’ bit rough! Is it weird to say that I’m looking forward to being able to stay late at work these coming monday-wednesdays?

I’m sortof getting to the point where I have no idea what is interesting to talk about anymore. I lost my debit card last night, which was annoying (and debatably, it was stolen from the dressing room…maybe. I’m not sure, but no charges, so whatever). Did I mention that was annoying?  But it’s all taken care of now.

Soooooo, I don’t really get nervous. I feel good about the music, lines, choreography, and all that. The music+band are all at tempos that make me happy, so I’m not dancing in slo-mo, so that’s that. I mean, hey. I hope people like the show, but there are hooks for us all to enjoy – Aretha, bruce, helllooo! Even I who, at first, was like, “omg why aren’t they just singing let’s get it on, what a lame-o song booo” – totally got it once I saw it live. I figure – as long as folks get that its like, Rob’s life took over all his favorite music and its now singing to him about what is literally his life (and not someone’s imagined life…pop music getting crazy personal) — they’ll like, totally love it and think it is clever, right?

That above description is pretty much exactly how I have explained the show to friends. Who will hopefully be coming to see the show in the next few weeks!

yeah, that means you.


“what street is that?” June 10, 2008

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In case you, like many others, were wondering where the lovely mural in this photo is…

It’s on Cherokee and California, right next to the taco stand. The tacos are frickin’ delicious, so you should go get one!

Also down the street is the firecracker press and apop records, and anarchist bakery and a pasta-making store. And a tortilla factory. And a grocery store. And a ballroom. AND MORE! wooo.

Be a tourist in your own town, people!



The Bluebird May 29, 2008

So there’s live music a’plenty in St. Louis, and I took advantage of it last night.

I went straight from work, so I have my friend Rebecca to thank for letting my borrow some concert wear – clothes which may or may not (depending on your worldview) have contributed to how silly and fun the night was! We went to see Tally Hall (amazzzzzzinnnng. When I was an english teacher for a few weeks a couple summers ago, I ran a sortof rap/songwriting workshop for the older creative writing kids…like 14-15 year olds…and I made’em listen to Tally Hall and they were like OMG THIS IS AWESOME. Needless to say, I was a cool teacher.) Heard’em described as “Astonishing musicality, but also fun and infectious.” Gotta agree.

We bopped around plenty during Tally Hall’s set, and since The Bluebird was so small (and perhaps b/c it was a Wednesday night concert) it was totally and completely feasible to talk to the band afterwards…gotta love that. They’re a bunch of pre-med dudes from the University of Michigan, and they’re v. charming and funny. How ’bout that?

Speaking of which, the keys player, Moose, from the band that played afterwards, De Novo Dahl (based in Nashville! feel the regional pride) was an adorable vision in powder blue. I feel like I should also mention that his dad played with Dolly Parton. Did I mention he was adorable?


Also exciting is that De Novo Dahl will be playing this June in DC, and my sister‘s going to see them! They’re like a music postcard traveling from me to my sister. How cool is that?

I particularly like these bands’ blend of kooky goofiness and excellent musicianship. I would reccomend them to anyone who likes to dance and be happy about things.

(also, I’d just like to note that one of the opening bands was like, 87% swedish, which means I got to use my swedish skills and tell them all that, “I want to live in a mushroom” — the only swedish phrase I know. Though don’t be mistaken – I may know precious little swedish, but I totally love the swedish folk…everyone I meet reinforces my belief that swedes are an awesomely kooky people. )