I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

About April 16, 2008

I’m Lori.

I’m playing Sarah in High Fidelity with New Line Theatre. I sing alto. I sing it well.

I have some friends and a really big extended family all of whom I find awesomely weird and some of whom I find awesomely awesome, but some of them have never heard me sing/dance (except maybe once when I won a karaoke contest that one time or when I teach them all the moves to Temptations songs) in an official sort of sanctioned-by-others sortof way, so I’m really excited for them to get to see me on The Stage this time around.

In real life I’m an online marketing maven – of sorts…(in the process of the show, I will have FINALLY set up my own professional site, IamLori.com…check back) and I love love love St. Louis.

Thrilling stuff, huh?!?!!

Wanna read my show bio? ok!

Lori White (Sarah) hasn’t been onstage in three years, and she’s thrilled to be back onto the boards in her favorite town. Lori’s favorite role to date has been “Toffee” in Zombie Prom at her alma mater the University of Pennsylvania – where she spent time as Chairman of Penn’s only student-run theatre production company. By day, you’ll find Lori hard at work at a local ad firm, where she specializes in new media marketing and copy writing. Her favorite pop song would probably have to be “Pay It Back” by Elvis Costello, but you’re welcome to stop by her High Fidelity blog to hear a bit more about what she thinks about music and musicals — https://newlinelori.wordpress.com.


One Response to “About”

  1. Jay Says:

    Dear Lori

    I was researching High Fidelity The Musical and I came across your blog; I’m looking to direct it in the UK but there’s precious little hard info on it over here. I’d love to pick your brains – could you possibly email me a contact address – apart from anything else I’m trying to see a copy of the script and find out who holds the rights.



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