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Real Record Store Manager June 30, 2008

Filed under: randomly relevant — lolololori @ 7:28 pm

Though Shirley at the antique store on Cherokee (with whom mary and I hung out for like, an hour yesterday) might disagree (she thinks – among many other things, she has her some opinions – the Record Exchange is the best/realest record store)…this guy seems to be the Real Deal, as they say.

He also seems to be the manager of Vintage Vinyl.


3 Responses to “Real Record Store Manager”

  1. candice Says:

    The link’s dead now, but I’m 99% sure that was a pic of my bro. Yes he basically is Rob Gordon, much to his dismay.

  2. Lori Says:

    Hey! I forgot his name (gah), but hi to you! I remember meeting him once when I was exploring the new construction up in Old North – with my Mom, and he gave her a light for her cigarette, so he’s totally charming in our books.

    I know a lot of folks thought the world of the guy, so being STL’s Rob Gordon ain’t half bad (though I think he moved…?). 😉

    Anyway, all the best to ya, and thanks for commenting! This blog’s a little old, so I like to see people are still reading it.

  3. candice Says:

    Yeah he lives in New Orleans now, hopefully soon doing fine things for the record supply down there. I’m visiting him in two weeks, so, very excited. His name’s James!

    His gal is big into historic preservation and such, so I bet that’s why he was up north.

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