I’m in High Fidelity the Musical

and now I’m gonna blog about it.

So yeah, I didn’t see you last Monday June 26, 2008

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…at Atomic Cowboy. What’s the deal, man?

I feel like I should mention that if you didn’t go to the Comedy on Parade w/ Bill Chott last monday you missed out.

Amy, our costume designer came, and that makes her cooler than you! It was really funny! I brought my friend Laura, who is visiting our fine city from a far away land (Connecticut!)

Top 5 things that come to mind when I think of Connecticut:

1. Mystic Pizza! (I got a really awesome pair of sailor jeans at the Navy Surplus store in Mystic, and I also wore a lavender dress that day)

2. Land of Hedge Funds

3. my best friend from Penn

4. Said BFF’s nephew’s name is Sebastien!

5. David Letterman’s house

Did I just digress just there?

Do yourself a favor and go to the next Comedy on Parade show. I think there’s one this monday (?!? – do your research, I cannot take you by the hand the whole way) and if it’s half as funny that will still be very funny.

And I’m being honest here, I have a long line of comedian/comedy critical friends (and sometimes I even think I am funny), so I am can sometimes be not so generous in praise (though I am always generous with hope and enthusiasm) concerning local comedy. (not lately though, come to think of it.) I nearly rolled on the floor. Very nearly.

I’m just a girl, standing in front of a blog, asking you to laugh – b/c Bill Chott’s got something here.  Also, you actorly types should think about taking some of his classes. I’m just sayin’!


One Response to “So yeah, I didn’t see you last Monday”

  1. billchott Says:

    Just discovered this sweet plug today. Thanks so much. Hope you can make it to a Tuesday night at the Improv Trick soon.

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